Best ‘at home’ hobbies

Having a hobby is great, swimming, tennis and golf, for example, are all really good fun, but if you prefer to stay at home for your hobby then there are many choices for you. Indoor hobbies mean you can still enjoy them whatever the weather, you don’t have to get dressed in outdoor clothes, you can do them in your pajamas and slippers if you prefer.

Indoor Hobbies

Dressmaking, sewing or embroidery are all excellent indoor pastimes. You can hand sew if you prefer, or use a machine but bear in mind, if you want to embroider using a sewing machine, you need a special foot. If you want to make your own clothes or clothing for your children then you can also use your hobby to save a little money.

Online gaming is fun. There are many websites set up for playing games such as bingo, slots or even poker and roulette. You can learn to play these games by reading gaming guides that are designed for beginners, you can learn to play bingo here. You don’t even need quick reflexes to play bingo, they do automatic marking so you don’t have to worry about missing a number. You might not be aware that you can also play the lottery online, but it is easy to do, just set up an account and pick your numbers. As far as playing tickets for the actual lottery draws are concerned, you can also play scratch cards.

Blogging and Vlogging are really popular, and it is possible to make some money too if you get enough followers. Bloggers create pages based on their interests, insights or pretty much anything that they want to share with the world via the written word. Vloggers do the same but on video, usually on the YouTube platform or their own website. Ads on these sites or affiliate links can generate money for the site owner, and some people can earn thousands of dollars every month. It takes a while to build up a follower base to get this kind of money, but it proves it is possible.

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